MIZUNO Katsunori

Born in Mie Prefecture,Japan,1982


2005 Graduated from Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design, Nagoya
2008 MFA from the Graduated School of Art at Kyoto City University of Art,Kyoto
2004 studying Abroad (exchange student ) in Carnegie Mellon University, U.S.A

・solo exhibitions

2006 solo exhibition/5 artists vol.1 (Gallery Caption/Gifu,Japan)
2007 solo exhibition/4 artists vol.4 (Gallery Caption/Gifu,Japan)
2008 solo exhibition/4 artists vol.2 (Gallery Caption/Gifu,Japan)
2009 MIZUNO Katsunori exhibition~gray scale landscape~(INAX Gallery2/Tokyo,Japan)
     Shift Cube vol.4 MiZUNO Katsunori exhibition(Culture forum Kasugai/Aichi,Japan)
     MIZUNO Katsunori exhibition~Field Motion~(ARTCOURT Gallery/Osaka,Japan)


2005 PARA/DICE(+Gallery/Aichi,Japan)
     sky of trip(Gallery Caption/Gifu,Japan)
     FRAGMENT(Gallery Ray/Aichi,Japan)
2006 Comfortable place-A trip in a brain of 5-44-(Culture forum Kasugai/Aichi,Japan)
2007 Fun de Nagoya Art Exhibition 2007( Nagoya citizens Gallery Yada/Aichi,Japan)
     Views of Wate-From Monet and Taikan to the Present-
                      (Yokohama Museum of Art/Kanagawa,Japan)
     Independence CASO(Contemporary Art Space Osaka/Osaka,Japan)
     ART UNLV. 2007(former Rissei elementary school/Kyuto,Japan)
     Move on Asia 2007(Alternative space LOOP/Seoul,Korea)
2008 sensuous(AD&A gallery/Osaka,Japan)
     virtual⇄reality(Gallery artfeti/Aichi,Japan)
2009 Landscape(Gallery Caption/Gifu,Japan)
     Art tornado( Nagoya citizens Gallery Yada/Aichi,Japan)
     out of place(Daikakuji temple/Kyuto,Japan)
     Il Dio delle Piccole cose(Casa Masaccio/Italy)



2004 Image forum festival 2004 competition section(Tokyo etc. Japan)
     A far-off voice, a far-off field of vision(Image forum/Tokyu,Japan)
2005 Image forum festival 2005 invitation section(Tokyo etc. Japan)
2008 Image forum festival 2008 New Film Japan(Tokyo etc. Japan)
     The 13th art film festival(Aichi Arts Center/Aichi,Japan)
2010 Image forum festival 2010 New Film Japan(Tokyo etc. Japan)


2003 The 1th Sixty-Second Cinema Competition-HOKUSAI award-/Associate Grand Prize
2004 Image forum festival 2004 competition section/Special Jury Prize
2005 Nagoya Zokei University TOUBIKAI award
     The 14th TANBA fellowship
2008 Kyoto City University of Art MFA award


2006 Art magazine[REAR no.14]
     exhibition review[solo exhibition/5 artists vol.1]
     exhibition review[Comfortable place~A trip in a brain of 5-44~]
2007 Art magazine[Bijutsu-Tetyo]August number
     exhibition review[solo exhibition/4 artists vol.4]
2009 Art magazine[Geijitsu-Shincho]March number
     exhibition review[MIZUNO Katsunori exhibition ~gray scale landscape~ ]